Monday, February 15, 2010

Day #21,607

Walk km 3925-3927: to the library
Walk km 3927-3931: Robson/Hornby/Georgia/Granville/Nelson/Pacific/sea walk/Drake/Hamilton/Davie/(skytrain)/Georgia/Howe/Robson

people milling about
aprox km 3928 Granville @ Robson

Book #280 (#7 this year): Blackmailer(1952, George Axelrod)

I've had some luck with the "Hard Case" series but my luck ran out here. This is strictly a whodunit and not a very good whodunit at that. Cardboard cutout characters run through this book either being shot or doing the shooting. And why did I finish it? Well, I do have to read 50 books this year and it was only 200 pages.

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