Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day #21,602

Walk km 3882-3884: running errands
Walk km 3884-3892: Smithe/Howe/Helmcken/Hamilton/Davie/(skytain)/Cambie/20th/Clark/(bus)/Keefer/(sktrain)/Burrard/Alberni/Thurlow

International Village
aprox km 3891 end of Keefer St

Book #279 (#6 this year): The Eighth Victim(1988, Eugene Izzi)

On a recent walk, I stumbled across another PulpFiction book store. I got a three-pack of Richard Matheson plus this Izzi. I thought I'd read almost all the Izzis but I don't remember this one. As usual, the pages just fly by with Izzi. However, he's not up there with the likes of Henning Mankel because all his characters are abnormal in one way of another. The reader doesn't get to sympathize with an "average joe" like Wallander in the Mankel books. Most readers just wouldn't be able to relate to these characters. And then there's the psychic healer.....huh?

Movie #1205 (#29 this year): Le Deuxieme Souffle(1966, Jean-Pierre Melville)

A caper movie. But, really more about a code of honour among thieves. A code that says that killing people is OK but ratting on another crook is not. In the final scene, the police agree and try to save the reputation of a cop-killer. Sorry, I'm not buying it.
By the way, this movie is beautifully directed.

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