Monday, February 22, 2010

Day #21,614

Walk km 3959-3961: to the library
Walk km 3961-3968: King Edward/Ash/24th/Tupper/16th/Cambie/15th/Kingway/St George/13th/Commercial

that's an odd looking house
aprox km 3962 King Edward Ave

Movie #1210 (#36 this year): Les Ordres (1974, Michel Brault)

Re-enactment of the stories of people imprisoned during the 1970 War Measures Act. Very one-sided. Of course, maybe in real life it really was one-sided but I cannot tell by watching this film.
An indication that the filmmaker may not be totally impartial is the use of family to garner sympathy. He shows the affects on the children of having their parents arrested and sent to prison. And then there is the prisoner whose father dies while he's in jail.
And I can't agree with the premise that everyone was against them. If I remember correctly there was outrage about people being arrested because they were in favour of seperation and not because they had anything to do with kidnapping and murder. And I lived in an English speaking part of Canada.
But the main problem is that this is specific not universal. There is no digging into "the orders" which the jailers all site as they're reasons. If there is human weakness or even an evil intent behind these "orders" then why not expose it? That would have made a much better film because then anyone who watched this film could relate to it.

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