Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day #21,840

Walk km 8757-8768 (13,072 to go): every block walk: Joyce Station to Renfrew Station

flora (and sidewalk)
approx km 8763 24th Avenue

Movie #1840: A Woman's Secret (1949, Nicholas Ray)

Hey, I've seen this one before. And still, I don't get it. Why did Maureen O'Hara claim that she'd shot Gloria Grahame? It's kinda the key to the whole story and yet I musta missed it. Thank God we've got IMDB.... I'll just skip over there to get the inside dope.
Well! IMDB has let me done. Nobody spills the beans although one know-it-all explains that it was so obvious, he knew it all along!
TCM explains: Maureen O'Hara was trying to prevent Gloria Grahame from committing suicide! They explain that Maureen reads Gloria's telegram from her husband and deduces that Gloria is about to commit suicide. But Gloria had already burnt the telegram before Maureen enters the room! Was there some sort of clue at the beginning of the film that indicates that Maureen has seen the telegram? I don't think so because Maureen keeps asking Gloria what the problem is. Very confusing.
HEY WAIT A MINUTE - that still doesn't explain why Maureen lied. If Gloria was gonna commit what! Because suicide is against the law? I'm now more confused than ever.
AFTER READING MANY OTHER REVIEWS: Finally, someone else admits that they don't know the answer to why Maureen confesses to the police. He claims the film simply doesn't say why. Which gets us back to the title of this picture: A Woman's Secret!

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