Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day #21,858

Walk km 8891-8894: to Safeway

Movie #1861: The Road To Ruin (1934, Dorothy Davenport & Melville Shyer)

A cautionary tale. Teenage girls start smoking, drinking, fornicating and jitterbugging. The big climax is when there is a police raid and they're all caught red handed swimming in a swimming pool! I'm not sure what 1934 law forbids swimming but it looks like it's a serious one.
In the end, the most innocent of the girls gets to die a horrible death after an unsanitary doctor performs an abortion.
You've been warned!

Movie #1862: Romance On The Run (Gus Meins, 1938)

Another poverty row B picture. I like it! Clocking in at only 53 minutes means they gotta keep that plot moving. Starts off in Chicago with police chief William Demerest. The whole cast then moves on to Cincinnati where the very pretty Patricia Ellis gets all tied up. Then it's south through Kentucky and Tennessee where the cast has a run-in with a bunch of hillbillies. What a hoot!

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