Friday, October 7, 2011

Day #21,842

Walk km 8773-8782 (13,060 to go): every block walk: 29th Ave Station to Renfrew Station

Movie #1842: The Alphabet Murders (1965, Frank Tashlin)

An odd combination: a black&white English film directed by Frank Tashlin. There isn't another director that is more colourfully American than Tashlin. And as an added minus the story is by Agatha Christie. A miss.

Movie #1846: Capitalism: A Love Story (2009, Michael Moore)

This must have been a tough one to make. How to select from all the outrages perpetrated by capitalism?
It's all fun stuff but I thought the end was a cop-out: replace capitalism - sure, but replace it with what? - democracy! No, democracy is a political system and capitalism is a financial system. The correct answer was socialism. I don't think he had the nerve to say the S word (although he did mention it earlier).
Also, this film won't make any difference. Moore is too famous now. The people that agree with Moore will watch this movie - those who don't, won't. No minds will be changed.
Almost forgot: I didn't understand the story about corporations taking out life insurance policies on their employees. Where's the benefit? The insurance companies have to make money so it's a losing proposition for those paying the premiums. What's in it for them? I don't get it.

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