Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day #21,853

Walk km 8857-8861: running errands
Walk km 8861-8866: across Burrard & Granville bridges

Movie #1854: The Blackboard Jungle (1955, Richard Brooks)

It's strange that I haven't seen this one before. The only thing that ruins it is that it was made in Hollywood so you know that Glenn Ford will "get through" to the kids and there'll be a happy ending. Despite that, this was a fun movie. Vic Morrow rules!

Movie #1855: The True Story Of Jesse James (1957, Nicholas Ray)

Another Jesse James movie. It was OK. Nothing special. TCM host says that Ray kinda disowned it after the studio wouldn't let him shoot it the way he wanted to. One item: he wanted Elvis to play Jesse James!

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