Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day #21,857

Walk km 8886-8891: mostly 26th & 23rd Ave

Pontiac V8
approx km 8891 21st Ave

all ready for halloween
approx km 8887 27th Ave

Movie #1859: The Gamma People (1955, John Gilling)

An interesting mess. It's half comedy / half mad scientist movie. It's an allegory of WWII. It has great visual style and it's a total waste of time.
The small country of Gudavia has been taken over by mad scientist who is German. He is using Gamma rays to brainwash the children into obeying him. The people are powerless to stop him. Who should wander into Gudavia? One Brit and one Yank. Of course they are able to do what the whole country was incapable of: they free the children by destroying the German single handedly (OK, double handedly). In case you didn't understand, the last scene is the Brit and the Yank leaving town in a car as all of Gudavia waves and cheers as they go by.
This Gilling fellow has a great visual style though. Lots of beautifully shot scenes. I especially liked the ones of the goons on the hill.

Movie #1860: O'Horten (2007, Bent Hamer)

Another movie without a plot. However, quite a good one. It's about a guy who retires but doesn't know what to do. But, he starts having small adventures by pure happenstance. Eventually he does start to do things on his own.
Note: For some reason, Netflix has screwed up the aspect ratio.

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