Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day #22,385

Walk km 13,418-13,420: running errands
Walk km 13,420-13,430 (8955 to go): around Richmond from Landsdown Station
the Willis Point fire truck
approx km 13,426 Odlin Street Richmond

TV episode #51: Survivors: The Fourth Horseman (Pennant Roberts, 1975)

I remember this one from 1975 (at least I remember the shower scene!). I thought it was quite exciting back then and I must admit that the "last survivors of Planet Earth" plot is a doozy. I hear that they did a remake in 2008 and it's available on Netflix. The original is on YouTube.

TV Episode #52: Survivors: Genesis (Gerald Blake, 1975)
In episiode two the baddies make their appearance. One fellow sets himself up as the dictator of the new England. One woman wants to reintroduce slavery. 

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