Monday, April 22, 2013

Day #22,405

Walk km 13,603-13,616 (8789 to go): Meetup walk UBC to Olympic Village Station
mirror and Meetup walkers
approx km 13,610 on Point Grey Road

Book #453: The Redeemer (2005, Jo Nesbo)

Another enjoyable Scandi crime writer. There's just one problem: Nesbo tries to be clever. That doesn't really add anything to the reading. A lot of the scenes in this book start with no identification of the main character. It's only after the first paragraph or so that you realize who he's writing about. That requires you to go back and reread the paragraph to get the action allocated to the right person. The worst example of this is right at the beginning where he has 3 different characters all knocking on a door.
So, enjoyable but flawed. Karin Fossum remains king (queen) of Norwegian crime writers.  

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