Sunday, April 21, 2013

Robert Burnaby Park

Day #22,404
Walk km 13,584-13,603 (8801 to go): Meetup walk - Sperling to Surrey Central

Meetup walkers
approx km 13,589 Robert Burnaby Park

Movie #2264: Alien Factor (1978, Don Dohler)

Really awful. But so bad that it almost comes around the other side into "good". There are aliens in the woods so of course everyone goes wandering in the woods where the obvious occurs.The acting is so wooden that it's not really acting at all. The alien sound effects are used even when no aliens are around. My favourite alien was the one who looked like a glam rocker on platform shoes. The best thing about the plot is that there is no "haunted house" or "mad scientist" in sight. Just a small town with an alien invasion problem.   

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