Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day #22,387

Book #452: Broken (2006, Karin Fossum)

Karin tries something new: she puts herself into the novel. From time to time she stops and has a chat with the lead character. They talk over how the plot is shaping up and the character development. Well, this is not exactly sucessful. If you're reading a Karin Fossum book (or any work of fiction), you're not really reading about the characters that make up the book - you're having a visit with the author. It is kind of a one sided visit because only one of you can speak. However, if you pick an author that's interesting to you, you can overlook that. The author can keep you interested without any input from you. So, Karin is already in all of her novels. She really didn't have to literally do it.
The start of the book is Karin standing in her living room looking at all the characters standing outside waiting for their turn to be written about. Which one to pick? This is the same experience that we have when we visit a library/bookshop. We see all those authors grouped around us - each one hoping that they'll be selected to tell us their story. Which one to pick?  

Movie #2252: Stress Is Three (1968, Carlos Saura)

Three people taking a trip across Spain by car. They get on each others nerves.
It's something different but I think the director was trying for something more profound. Failed at that.

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