Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day #22,417

Walk km 13,765-13,767: to Safeway
Walk km 13,767-13,769: to library
Walk km 13,769-13,781: Meetup walk Steveston to Brighouse Station

Movie #2269: The Gangster (1947, Gordon Wiles)

a soda shop full of losers

No doubt about it: great. This is why a person keeps watching junky movies day after day: there's always the chance that you'll stumble across a movie like "The Gangster".
Barry Sullivan plays the title role. Crime is all he knows. He's been involved so long that there's nothing else he can do. But he's not smart enough or tough enough to make it in that world. He's doomed.
This is is 84 minutes of watching a guy come crashing down. When he finally gets gunned down, I'm sure it's a relief to him.
Watch this movie. 

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