Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day #22,418

Walk km 13,781-13,801 (8617 to go): Edmonds Station to Waterfront Station

Book #455: Rising Sun (1992, Michael Crichton)

Suffers from "Moby Dick" syndrome. Half of this book is a story and the other half is Michael Crichton explaining to us how American-Japanese relations work. If I wanted to learn about American-Japanese relations, I would have read a book about that. This was supposed to be a novel. A novel may teach us something about the author (and by seeing the same in ourselves, something about ourselves). But it's not supposed to teach us about American-Japanese relations (or whales).
It goes to ridiculous lengths having the main character utter a bunch of "you mean that.....". or "I didn't know that...." in order to keep the flow of useless information coming.  A useless book.

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