Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day #22,423-424

Walk km 13,859-13,872: walk in Stanley Park
Walk km 13,872-13,892: Lake City Way Station to 29th Ave Station

walking path with archway
approx km 13,880 Robert Burnaby Park

Movie #2271: Indestructible Man (1956, Jack Pollexfen)

Strange combination of "police procedural" and "mad scientist" genres.
The LAPD is on the lookout for executed killer who was brought back to life by doctor using 280,000 volts of electricity.
Lon Chaney wrecks havoc while police follow up the leads. Amazingly, it's hohum given the premise.

Movie #2272: The Strangler (1964, Burt Topper)

Surprisingly good B-movie with Victor Buono in the lead role. Good work from director Topper but it's Victor Buono who makes this one work. He's super creepy in every scene. Without him on screen the film becomes just another crime movie. With him on screen, you can't look away.

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