Friday, May 17, 2013

Day #22,428-430

Walk km 13,918-13,929: Meetup walk Nanaimo Station to 41st Ave Station
Walk km 13,929-13,941: Meetup walk to see the horses in Southlands
Walk km 13,941-13,954 (8476 to go): Meetup walk Metrotown to Yaletown

Book #456: Blood Moon (2009, Garry Disher)

There must be some Scandi blood in this Garry Disher fellow. Claims to be Australian but the police in this book are just as screwed up as in the best of the Swedish crime novels. The police have their troubles, the criminals have theirs and so the reader couldn't be happier. The reader always comes off smelling like a rose compared to the characters in this book.
One thing I really liked: one character will do something (and we get an explanation of why they did it) and someone will notice it and get the motivation totally wrong.
Anyway, if you like Mankell and Sjowall/Wahloo and Fossum then this is for you.

Movie #2275: Spring Madness (1938, S Sylvan Simon)

Comedy that tries to explain that romance is the only thing of importance in the world.
It's good pace and Burgess Meredith's mugging for the camera are it's only two plus points.
Very run-of-the-mill.

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