Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day #22,441-442

Walk km 14,024-14,026: to Whole Foods
Walk km 14,026-14,029: to T&T

Movie #2279: A Global Affair (1964, Jack Arnold)

Bob Hope works for the UN. A baby is left abandoned at the UN so it's his job to decide in which country it should be raised. He has a hard time deciding because he finds that all the countries of the world are a great place to raise a child..... except the USSR of course - they would put the kid in a state institution!
Western propaganda with jokes. But the jokes aren't funny.

Movie #2280: Holiday In Seoul (1956, Yong-min Lee)

Not sure if this one is any good or not. The way the story is told is very odd even though it's just about a bunch of neighbours in Seoul and what they do on a stat holiday.
However, because of it's unusual nature, it 's quite entertaining.

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