Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day #22,941

Walk km 17,830-17,833: to Safeway
Walk km 17,833-17,835: to T&T

Movie #2567: Nebraska (2013, Alexander Payne)

Finally took a break from scrounging around the internet looking for obscurities. This is on Netflix and it's directed by Alexander Payne. Pretty much a guaranteed winner.
And it is. Mr Payne certainly has a way with losers and this one is no exception. Bruce Dern joins Laura Dern (Bruce's daughter) (Citizen Ruth) and Jack Nicholson (Bruce's friend) (About Schmidt) as hard to forget Payne losers.

Movie #2568: Kilsodeum (1986, Kwon-taek Im)

Quite effective telling of a family (seperated during the Korean war) trying to reunite. It seems that Korea had quite the reality TV bonanza during the 80s telling stories about (and helping with) the reuniting of families who were seperated due to the Korean war. The stories were all tearfully happy ones. This story shows that there wasn't always such a happy ending, 

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