Monday, October 20, 2014

Day #22,950

Movie #2575: Inside Llewyn Davis (2013, Coen Brothers)

Coen brothers take on the folk music scare of the early 60s that infected New York's Greenwich Village and threatened to spread nationwide. Nothing much happens, it starts with Llewyn Davis singin' folk tunes and being an asshole. It finishes with with Llewyn Davis singin' folk tunes and acting like an asshole. However, the Coen brothers are so talented that they can turn anything into something you can't look away from. 

Movie #2576: Cannibal Holocaust (1980, Ruggero Deodato)

Slipshod "mondo" movie of expedition to the Amazon showing the vile behaviour of the expedition members and the natives. Although the movie was just junk, it did become quite famous when the director was arrested and charged with murder. No, he didn't murder someone back in his home country of Italy. They charged him with murdering the actors in the movie! They thought that when the people died in the movie, that they had actually been killed! This is beyond stupid. Even the Italian police can't possibly be that stupid. Or can they? I assume it was a grand publicity stunt. That the director knew someone in the police department who would (for a price) charge him with murder and by so doing, provide millions of dollars in free publicity for the film. Charges were dropped when the actors turned up alive. Of course, they didn't just drop into the police station to tell the police: they all made their grand reappearance on Italian TV.
Ruggero Deodato may have been a crappy movie director but he was a supreme master of self promotion.

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