Friday, October 17, 2014

Day #22,946-947

Walk km 17,869-17,881: around Stanley Park
Walk km 17,881-17,884 (5064 to go): to Safeway

Movie #2572: Osaka Tough Guys (1995, Takashi Miike)

Not very funny comedy from Miike. What happened? Turns out this was made in 1995 before Miike made a name for himself with the likes of Audition and Ichi The Killer. Grainy print (on a DVD) doesn't help.

TV episode #127: DuPont Theatre - Frightened Witness (1957, Anton Leader)
Good cast in a story that's been told many times: witness will not testify because he's threatened by organized crime.

Book #513: Bigger Deal (2007, Anthony Holden)
A boring poker book? Anthony Holden has done it. Part of the problem is that the info here is 8 years old so we've heard it all before. The other part is that Holden is a rather slap dash player so all the description of his own play is of no interest. And Holden only plays Holdem. If he at least played stud or omaha he might of kept my interest.

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