Friday, October 24, 2014

Day #22,954

Walk km  17,924-17,936 (5019 to go): Stanley Park meetup

Meetup walkers
approx km 17,933 the seawall (Stanley Park)

Movie #2579: Passion (1954, Allan Dwan)

Standard oater of battle over range land leading to murder and revenge. However, the director was Allan Dwan and the cinematographer was John Alton. Forget the plot, this is just beautiful to watch (even on YouTube).

Movie #2580: Grand Canyon Trail (1948, William Witney)
This story does not have anything to do with the Grand Canyon and there is no trail. I guess the name just sounded good. It's Roy Rogers (without Dale Evans but with Jane Frazee) abely supported by Andy Devine.
It has all the trappings of an oater plus plenty of comedy (and a few songs too). No doubt they thought the kids would really go for the comedy stuff and they were right as Roy went on to be the king of the cowboys.
BTW, Witney was a big favourite of Quentin Tarantino but its hard too see why here as the YouTube print is in very bad shape.

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