Sunday, October 26, 2014


Day #22,955-956
Walk km 17,936-17,944: Brighouse Station to #1 Road
Walk km 17,944-17957 (5000 to go): Brighouse Station to Steveston
some Meetup walkers having a snack after the walk
approx km 17,956 Steveston

Movie #2581: The Filth And The Fury (2000, Julien Temple)
Movie #2582: Beware of Mr Baker (2012, Jay Bulger)
Jack Bruce just died so a good time to see the movie about his nemesis, Mr Baker. And who should kick off the Ginger Baker movie? Johnny Rotten. It seems that Mr Rotten was looking for Ginger Baker at the height of the Sex Pistols notoriety. What for? Dunno.
The Sex Pistols movie is more about who was in control of the band and what were they trying to achieve. The Ginger Baker movie is more about one fellow's path through life and the music that gave him the ability to live a noteworthy life whereas someone else with his same lack of social skills would have just been shunned by society and died a lonely and bitter old man.
The Sex Pistols story was OK, Ginger Baker's was rivetting.

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