Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day #21,545

Walk km 3450-3457: Robson/Nicola/Alberni/Stanley Park/Barclay/Burrard
Walk km 3457-3459: to the library

ducks on the pond
aprox km 3452 Stanley Park

Book #264: Panicking Ralph(1997,Bill James)

I admire Bill James ability to create the world of the British career criminal complete with their own lexicon. However, I don't see the point: every character in this book is slime (in varying degrees) thus not giving the reader any reason to care what happens plotwise.

Movie #1154: Dangerous Crossing(1953,Joseph M Newman)

Newlyweds board an ocean liner. The husband disappears. Everyone on board says "there was no husband, you're not married"! Jeanne Crain spends 75 minutes roaming around the ship in a state of panic. My kind of movie.

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