Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day #21,553

Walk km 3505-3507: shopping
Walk km 3507-3514: Robson/Denman/seawalk/Drake/Homer/Smithe

"Nail Professionals"
aprox km 3509 Robson Street

Movie #1168: Invasion Of The Bee Girls (1973, Denis Sanders)

Have you every noticed: crap in black & white looks better than crap in colour? It must be that b&w crap can hide behind the unreality of things not appearing as they really are. In colour, everything is seen as it actually is. There is no way to hide the fact that this is just a lot a shots of terrible actors thrown together in any old haphazard way.
Another negative is the anti-feminist and anti-gay feel to this movie. The bee girls show way too much attration to one another as they go about attracting and then killing the male cast members. And in the final scene, the non-beegirl scientist is forced to stop talking theory by the male lead picking her up and throwing her onto a bed. That keeps her quiet! Another male fantasy movie.

Movie #1169: Enigma Rosso(1978, Alberto Negrin)

A long string of gruesome murders and gratuitous nude scenes.
This Italian movie has been dubbed into English. It looks like it was shot in widescreen but both ends have been chopped off. It has plenty of excuses but I believe that undernearth it's still just a piece of crap. Maybe a bit more stylish than the usual MillCreek reissues but crap nevertheless.

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