Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day #21,552

Walk km 3498-3501: running errands
Walk km 3501-3505: Burrard/Smithe/Mainland/Drake/seawalk/Richards/Nelson/Hornby/Smithe

fountain and Christmas decorations
aprox km 3503 George Wainborn Park

Movie #1167: The Beatniks(1960, Paul Frees)

Here I am back in the garbage again. I was looking forward to some bongo beatin' beatniks. Maybe they'd lay some groovy stream-of-conscienceness poetry on me. Hip lingo. Black beret wearin' chicks and daddy-os.
Oooops! What we have here is a beatnik move without any beatniks. Instead we have small time hood Eddy who really wants to be a crooner of bland lounge music. Yuk! Peter Breck gets the prime role as the gang's resident psycho. But it's way too little and way too late. A stinker.

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