Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day #21,549

Walk km 3483-3494: With Walking Meetup group from Yaletown Station to Second Beach to Lost Lagoon to Canada Place

walking meetup members walking
aprox km 3486 near False Creek

Movie #1161: The Hoodlum(1951, Max Nosseck)

It's right back to the scrapheap of movie history (Internet Archive) for another forgotten bit of cinematic history. Lawrence "Reservoir Dogs" Tierney is the scum of the earth as he robs, murders, makes his mother die of a broken heart and causes his brother's girlfriend to commit suicide. Not a nice fellow. In the end, the police shoot him down in the city dump (where he belonged). Spiffy.

Movie #1162: American Raspberry AKA Prime Time(1977, Bradley R Swirnoff)

Sometimes watching these movies becomes a chore. One of the worst kinds of movies to watch is the unfunny comedy. This would be one of those.

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  1. Thanks for posting the link to The Hoodlum. I quite enjoyed it.

    How about posting a list of the top X movies available to watch online complete with links?