Monday, December 21, 2009

Day #21,551

Walk km 3487-3498: around Stanley Park on the seawall

woman sculpted on park bench
aprox km 3489 Georgia Street near Stanley Patk

Movie #1165: The Red House(1947, Delmer Daves)

Another one from the Internet Archive. However, this one is actually an "A" movie directed by Delmer "Dark Passage" Daves and starring Edward G Robinson. Also, instead of big city crime, we've got rural gothic about that scary red house way back in those haunted woods. The story is useless but that doesn't matter because it's played way over the top. Lots of fun. You may however want to wait for a better print of this one as there are quite a few night scenes and the poor quality print does leave a lot to the imagination.

Movie #1166: Woman Is The Future Of Man (2004, Sang-soo Hong)

Well, that was quite a contrast. From a steady diet of ancient Grade "B" Hollywood junk to a modern arthouse film from Korea. So well done that it kept my interest despite nothing happening. The two male characters were about as hang-dog as you can get. They just mope around and the women can't resist them! Some sort of male fantasy I presume.

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