Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day #21,550

Walk km 3484-3487: shopping

street scene
aprox km 3486 Granville Street

Movie #1163: Lady Gangster(1942, Robert Florey)

Faye Emerson (dressed more interestingly than she was in Lady Gangster)

Not nearly as interesting as yesterday's "Hoodlum". The difference could be that this was a Warner Brothers release while the "The Hoodlum" was made by little Eagle Lion studios. In order to get noticed, the pictures from the poverty row studios needed to promise a little bit more than a standard "B" programmer. A WB "B" like "Lady Gangster" probably already had a slot as an added attraction to a James Cagney or Humphrey Bogart "A" picture.
About the only positive thing I can say about "Lady Gangster" is that Faye Emerson is much better looking than Lawrence Tierney.

Movie #1164: Behind Green Lights(1946, Otto Brower)

I'm really digging down into the cinema slagheap now. I found this on a website called freemoviestheatre. And it's a winner! Kudos to Charles Booth and Scott Darling (who?) for writing a fastpaced screenplay that throws a little of everything into the whodunit genre. A fun hour.
Update: I just noticed that this movie is also available through the Internet Archive.

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