Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day #21,713

Walk km 4715-4719: running errands

Book #296 (#20 this year): Snow Falling In Spring(2008, Moying Li)

I needed a quick read before leaving for Vegas and found this short autobiographical book about living through the Cultural Revolution. I'm afraid there is no major suffering going on here. Moying keeps everything light and breezy.
May I recommend:
Red Flower Of China (Zhai Zhenhua): from a Red Guard's perspective
Life And Death In Shanghai (Nien Cheng): from a rich person's perspective
Red China Blues (Jan Wong): from a Westerner's perspective

Movie #1303 (#123 this year): Right Cross(1950, John Sturges)

Fairly crappy boxing flick. The fight scenes are good but the script uses that old trick where the good guy lies to people because he thinks it'll be easier on them when really...... well, I'm sure you've seen it many times before yourself.

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