Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day #21,734

Walk km 4854-4861: Robson/Denman/Alberni/Stanley park/seawall/Denman/Comox/Bidwell/Nelson/Nicola/Robson

former trees
aprox km 4857 Stanley Park

Movie #1307 (#127 this year):
Factotum(2005, Bent Hamer)

Another movie based on the stories of Charles Bukowski. Another one that doesn't ring true. Those stories described a rather extreme lifestyle which must be rather difficult to put on screen. Also, since I've read them and can see them in my own mind's eye, I'm here to say: that's not what it looks like at all!

Movie #1308 (#128 this year): Cash McCall(1960, Joseph Pevney)

Natalie Wood

When I was a kid they showed these type of movies at the local theatre all the time. Light and breezy romantic comedies. Usually starring the likes of Rock Hudson and/or Doris Day. This one is just a bit diffferent. It was made in 1960 which means that it's an early example of this movie type. And they got something wrong. The whole concept here is light and breezy so there should be no tragic characters. The Nina Foch character is totally out of place.
That's the main problem but another one is Natalie Wood. Ms Wood may be miscast: she is no Doris Day. And by the looks of her big dramatic scene at the end, she's not much of a dramatic actress either.

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