Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day #21,732

Walk km 4839-4842: to the library
Walk km 4842-4844: to HMV and Tim Horton's

Movie #1305 (#125 this year): Vice Squad(1953, Arnold Laven)

A film noir with Edward G Robinson. Need I say more? No, but there actually is more. Well directed, well scripted, this one made for a fun Sunday afternnon as Eddie goes through a day-in-the-life routine of a police captain. All kinds of oddball characters are trotted out for inspection. A field day for character actors. Lotsa fun.

Movie #1306 (#126 this year): The Mouthpiece(1932, Elliott Nugent & James Flood)

It was like deja vu all over again. I just saw this one a while back as Illegal starring Edward G Robinson. A prosecuting attorney is so shaken by sending an innocent man to the gallows that he switches sides and become a defense attorney for the mob. The difference is that in this one (pre-code) the attorney gets straightened out when the "jailbait" he's chasing gives him a piece of her mind. I don't remember Edward G Robinson chasing jailbait!
Another plus for this picture is Aline McMahon as the lawyer's wisecracking secretary. The female lead (Sidney Fox) committed suicide in 1943 after her acting career fell apart.

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