Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day #21,738

Walk km 4888-4890: to the library
Walk km 4890-4896: Robson/Denman/seawalk/Hornby/Davie/Bute/Thurlow

Nelson Park
aprox km 4895 between Thurlow & Bute

Movie #1311 (#132 this year): Une Aventure De Billy Le Kid(1971, Luc Moullet)

What we have here is a fake western. It's silly. No, not weird or surreal. Just silly. Is Luc Moullet a pseudonym for Benny Hill?

Movie #1312 (#133 this year): Les Contrebandieres(1968, Luc Moullet)

two smugglers take a break from their endless trek to smoke some marijuana and drop some acid

More silliness from our friend Luc. This one is better because it seems to veer more towards weird than straight silly. The fact that it was made in black and white may have helped. As with "Billy Le Kid" there are endless scenes of people hiking over forbiding landscapes for little or no reason.

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