Monday, June 28, 2010

Day #21,740

Walk km 4903-4905: to the library
Walk km 4905-4910: Thurlow/seawalk/Devonian Harbour park/Georgia/Denman/Haro

park bench with yellow flowers
aprox km 4908 devonian Harbour Park

Movie #1314 (#135 this year): L'Avocat De La Terreur(2007, Barbet Schroeder)

Documentary about lawyer Jacques Verges. First shown as a defender of revolutionaries in Algeria: commited to helping poor oppressed people everywhere. But soon the story shifts and Verges begins to act on behalf of anyone who will give him money. He is now old and wealthy. Or that's how the story goes.... of course this is a story of shady deals and who knows where the real truth is to be found. But the scenes of Verges being interviewed in his opulent house puffing on a big cigar may be a clue.

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