Friday, July 1, 2011

Day #21,744

Walk km 7834-7848 (13,896 to go): Tsawwassen Ferry to Ladner Loop

a double swath
approx km 7841 52nd Street Delta BC

another day, another train song: Rock Island Line (Johnny Cash & Roy Clark)

Movie #1734: The Golden Stallion (1949, William Witney)

This is the Witney that Quentin Tarantino raves about. Well, I guess I'm just not a fan of westerns. Trigger is gonna be executed for murder when Roy takes the rap for him. Slightly goofy. It may be a notch above your standard western but it's nothing special.

Book #385: Heidegger & A Hippo Walk Through The Pearly Gates (2009, Cathcart & Klein)

Another one of those humorous books about death. The authors stear their friend "Daryl" through the mirky waters of immortality using jokes, cartoons and anything else humorous that will take the edge off the fact that the reader is reading a book about death. Some of the jokes and cartoons are a little wide of the mark but still this one is a fun read.

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