Friday, July 29, 2011

Day #21,772

Walk km 8098-8100: running errands
Walk km 8100-8103: running errands

Movie #1756: Molly And Me (1945, Lewis Seiler)

This movie can make you dizzy. It keeps switching back and forth between comedy and sentimentality. I didn't find that mix too inspiring. It was nice to see Gracie Fields in action though.

TV episode #1: Route 66: Black November (1960,Philip Leacock)

In which writer Sterling Silliphant proves that he's seen "Bad Day At Black Rock"! Were there no plagiarism laws in 1960?
What makes this one cool is that whenever there's a lull in the action everyone talks like they learnt English from reading really bad poetry.
On hand we have George Kennedy, Whit Bissell, Keir Dullea and Patty "Bad Seed" McCormack.
Town visited: Garth, Mississippi

TV episode #2: Route 66: A Lance Of Straw (1960,Roger Kay)
In which Buzz tries to explain to Janice Rule that a woman's place is in the home. Ooops!
Town visited: Grand Isle, Mississippi

TV episode #3: Route 66: The Swan Bed (1960,Elliot Silverstein)

Buzz and Todd help save New Orleans from an epidemic when they mess with a bunch of parrot smugglers. Much better than it sounds. Henry Hull and Betty Field get the best roles.

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