Monday, July 18, 2011

Day #21,761

Walk km 7980-7991 (13,770 to go): Stanley Park to 26th @ Marine (West Vancouver)

Lion's Gate Bridge
approx 7984 Lion's Gate Bridge

Movie #1746: The Cool Ones (1967, Gene Nelson)

A real train wreck of a movie here. Once again, Hollywood tries to tap into the hipster market and once again falls flat on its face. I could just see them in the board room: "what we need in a teen movie is lots of show tunes, the kid'll really go for that". The music is (for the most part) really horrible. "The Tantrum" was OK but all those show tunes were just awful. And they even gave the show tunes big dance routines to go with them to make them even worse. But as the saying goes: "it's so bad, it's good". Phil Harris was in the cast but they didn't let him do any numbers. "Darktown Poker Club" would have helped out here. Everyone in the cast was awful except Nita Talbot as "Dee Dee" (she actually was kinda cool). Gil Peterson in the male lead was especially godawful.

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