Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day #21,750

Walk km 7894-7902 (13,848 to go): Lake City Station to Braid Station

Movie #1740: Inside The Walls Of Folsom Prison (1951, Crane Wilbur)

It was the winter of 1974 and a storm was brewing. We were sent home from work early. When I got home I switched on the TV and watched "Canon City" (Crane Wilbur, 1948) as the snow was piling up outside. It's 37 years later and another Crane Wilbur is on TV: "Inside The Walls Of Folsom Prison". I see a theme shaping up here (Canon City is home to the Colorado State Pen).
This one has it all: sadistic warden, crusading do-gooder, guy on the verge of parole, stoolies, lifers with nothing to lose, riots and of course, the big break.
Just as much fun as it was 37 years ago.

Movie #1741: Al Capone (1959, Richard Wilson)

Allied Artists decide to go "A" picture with the story of Al Capone. They hire Rod Steiger to chew up the scenery. Then they "spruce up" the story to make it more entertaining. Actually, works quite well. A fun watch from start to finish. Well, all excpect for the performance of Fay Spain. Shouldn't they have given her some acting lessons before they let her play the love interest?

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