Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day #22,235

Walk km 12,094-12,097: to T&T

Movie #2137: Man Of The West (1958, Anthony Mann)

This is a pretty sad movie. The western was coming to an end. I don't know if Hollywood knew this but the genre was pretty much finished by '58. And here we have one of the great western stars, Gary Cooper, playing a role that was just way too young for him. He looks old and has trouble moving. Sad.
Otherwise, it's another beautifully shot western - at least when the western died, it looked great.

Movie #2136: Handle With Care (1956, David Friedkin)

A giant fake. The entire dramatic structure of the plot is based upon a piece of information that the lead character does not have. Many of the characters have this information and could have just told him what it was and there would be no plot. It was in their interest to tell him. But they did not. Why? Simply, so that the movie could continue.
And the worst part is, anyone watching this movie knows what that information is. They know the movie is built on a totally fake plot. How stupid were the people who made this movie? How stupid did they think the audience was?
It's a horrible movie but I kinda enjoyed watching it.  

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