Monday, November 12, 2012

Day #22,243-244

Walk km 12,165-12,177: Meetup walk from SFU to Braid Station
Walk km 12,177-12,182: test walk around Sapperton Station

Movie #2143-2144: Le journal érotique d'une Thailandaise (1980, Jean-Marie Pallardy) and The Big Snatch (1971, Martin & Mabe)
One of the things you learn from "The Big Snatch": if you wear clothes like this in a public park, you're just askin' to be snatched

It was "R" rated movie night tonight. First off we had an X-rated film with all the sex scenes removed. This was shot in Thailand and makes a fairly decent travelogue. The second movie was made before there was such a thing as X-rated and that's where the problem lies. Since they can't have any sex scenes how are the filmmakers  supposed to satisfy their sexually repressed audience. Well, they come up with this plot: some guy goes around in an old pickup truck and kidnaps five women. Then he drives them back to his place (kinda looks like the Spahn Ranch). Now he has five sex slaves. And the women love it! This wouldn't have been much of a favourite with the women in the audience (safe to say, there were none). I know women were up in arms when real porn came along but this sort of thing is in a whole nother universe of obnoxious. One point in it's favour: the surprise ending.    

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