Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day #22,239-240

Walk km 12,124-12,127: running errands
Walk km 12,127-12,138: Lougheed to Sapperton Station
Walk km 12,138-12,149: Meetup walk from Confederation Park to SFU
approx km 12,144 along Hastings Ave

Book #436: Double Or Nothing (2010, D'Arcy Christensen)

This must be one of the most obscure books written by a poker player. Hendon Mob shows 69 cashes for D'Arcy Christensen.
However, this is mostly about his days as fur trader/rancher/store owner in the interior of British Columbia. A few poker stories are thrown in here and there.
A pleasant read but it's probably meant for others who are from the same location. I read it because I remembered talking to D'arcy's son Chuck in Reno.

Movie #2140: Secrets Of A Co-Ed (1942, Joseph H Lewis)

Cheapie from PRC directed by the guy who was to go on to direct Gun Crazy, The Big Combo and Terror In A Texas Town. The print is in rough shape and the dialogue is sub-par but at least it's not a period piece.
Mobster's spoiled brat of a daughter gets herself involved with a hit man who works for her father. Final speach by Otto Kruger is a highlight.Crappy acting of lead Linda Thayer is a lowlight.

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