Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day #22,236-238

Walk km 12,097-12,109: Meetup walk around Stanley Park
Walk km 12,109-12,112: running errands
Walk km 12,112-12,124: Meetup walk to Confederation Park
meetup walkers and Ironworker's Memorial bridge
approx km 12,120 by Burrard Inlet

Movie #2139: Quality Street (1937, George Stevens)

Another period piece. This time the place/time is England/1805. We have here a group of sexually repressed females who's only recourse to their malady is through  "romance". This reliance on romance does allow for quite a few plot twists (some of which are quite amusing). Still, being a period piece does dampen what could have been a much better movie if it were set in the year 1937. 

Movie #2138: Petites Filles Au Bordel (Francis LeRoi, 1980)
French porno period picture. Obviously, a lot of money was spent on this one. Actual costumes, old cars, horse and buggies. But, it's still a period piece and generally those bore me and it's no different here.
Cathy Stewart was in it but she has only a small role. Julia Perrin gets the main role and does quite well but it ain't enough.

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