Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day #22,251-252

Walk km 12,230-12,232: to T&t
Walk km 12,232-12,244: Meetup walk along False Creek
Walk km 12,244-12,245: to the Skytrain
Walk km 12,245-12,247 (10,005 to go): to the library

Movie #2147: I Vitelloni (1953, Federico Fellini)

I like movies with plots more but this slice-of-life film is about as good as it gets in this genre. It's about a bunch of punks who live a carefree lifestyle in an out of the way Italian town. But these are not young punks - they are approaching middle age and wear suits and trench coats. Fausto is the worst. He runs after any skirt that passes by and refuses tell the truth about anything. He's slime. But he's charming slime.

Movie #2148: Mundo Deprevados (1967, Herb Jeffries)
Tempest Storm - careful, you could poke an eye out with one of those things!

Herb used to be a western movie star in the 30s (in all-black cast movies). From there, he dropped far enough down to direct this piece of trash. Of course, nobody was actually trying to make a good movie here so it's not like they failed.
Tempest Storm gets top billing and not only can't she act, she doesn't even bother trying. There's one character called Pops who always talks with a cigar in his mouth and appears to be the inspirartion for "Ed The Sock". At one point, the two detectives take a break from their crime fighting chores to do an Ed Sullivan/Topo Gigieo impersonation!
Empty headed fun.

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