Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day #22,253-256

Walk km 12,247-12,254: home from Commercial.Broadway Station
Walk km 12,254-12,260: every block walk (Sophia)
Walk km 12,260-12,263: running errands
Walk km 12,263-12,268: King Edward station to 39th @ Main
Walk km 12,268-12,278 (9,978 to go): every block walk (Prince Edward)
Gurdwara Khalsa Darbar
approx km 12,274 Prince Edward Street

Movie #2149: Thriller: en grym film (1974, Bo Arne Vibenius)

The goofiest movie ever made? Maybe. This Swedish director decided to make a crime film but do it spaghetti western style. The plot makes no sense. The special effects are ludicrous (cars explode into flames at the slightest touch, victims stand around like store room dummies while they wait for that bullet or karate chop). The fight scene is the worst - Christina Lindberg is just too small to have her scenes look authentic so they slow them down so much that the the film is barely moving. And there's some weird music bits. And some inserted X-rated scenes. Also, a few very effective low-angle shots. The ending is very goofy: bury a guy with only his head sticking out, tie a rope around his head, tie the other end of the rope to a horse - then, put a bucket of water (or is it food, we can't see what's in the bucket) just out of reach of the horse - then, just sit down by the head and watch it until the horse gets thirsty (or hungry)!
Tarantino loved this one and patterned Uma Thurman in Kill Bill after the Christina Lindberg character.
Most of the copies of this one are missing 20 or 25 minutes but YouTube has the complete 104 minute version.

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