Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day #22,452

Walk km 14,056-14,062: to Bonneville transit Centre

Movie #2283: That Kind Of Girl (1963, Gerry O'Hara)

Cautionary tale about the dangers of venereal disease. It starts out with a bit of nudge-nudge wink-wink but as soon as the 1st person gets VD it's all deadly serious and dull. And who started all this: the dirty old man. But, the coppers nab him all right.
Above average as these things go. This O'Hara chap seems to know what he's doing.

Movie #2284: American Grindhouse (2010, Elijah Denner)

Entertaining history of exploitation pictures (not grindhouses).
Even some stuff in here that I didn't know.

Movie #2285: The Last Mile (1959, Howard W Koch)

This is a remake of the 1932 original which you can see on YouTube.
A plus over the '32 version: better quality due to Netflix vs Youtube and no doubt better technology 27 years later.
A minus: Mickey Rooney. either the man can't act or he's just unbelievable because he's Mickey Rooney (the rest of the cast are no-name character actors).
Like the '32 version, it's a superior prison drama.

Movie #2286: Hong Kong Confidential (1958, Edward L Cahn)

Non too exciting affair with Gene Berry as a lounge singing secret agent. Watched this for Allison Hayes but it's not one of her best: she plays the "bad girl" so they slapped way too much makeup on her to make her look sinister.

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