Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day #22,458

Walk km 14,083-14,089: To Sahara at Las Vegas Blvd via Desert Inn
the Riviera
approx km 14,088 Las Vegas Blvd

Movie #2293: Bad Girls From Mars (1991, Fred Olen Ray)

Fred Olen Ray was in "American Grindhouse" but I'd never seen one of his movies. Now I have. It's one of the worst genres of all: the intentionally bad movie. Crap. Even crappier than most crap. The crappiest.

Movie #2294: The Artist (2011, Michel Hazanavicius)

Talk about a movie with a gimmick. It's silent movie time again except that this movie has quite the soundtrack including Bernard Herrmann's love theme from Vertigo during the climactic (pre happy ending) scene. Oodles of charming plot ideas (and the music) make this a fun watch.
By the look of Hazanavicius' credits, he appears to be France's answer to Quentin Tarantino (he makes movies about movies).

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