Friday, June 14, 2013

Day #22,457

Walk km 14,081-14,083: bus to Golden Nugget

Movie #2291: Hell Bound (1957, William J Hole Jr)

I should have liked this one more than I did. It's a cheap 50s crime drama. It has all kinds of neat little touches. The shoe routine. Les Baxter score trying to imitate Bernard Herrmann. Two femme fatales. Big climax in a scrapyard.
Somehow, it's less than the sum of it's parts. Still entertaining  though.

Movie #2292: World For Ransom (1954, Robert Aldrich)

I was lucky to see this one. It was set to expire from Netflix tomorrow. It's an early Robert Aldrich that I've never seen. Robert was moving up pretty fast: he's listed as co-producer on only his 2nd movie as director.
Dan Duryea is an adventurer in Singapore trying to help out the woman he loves by helping out her husband. It can't end well.
I didn't realize there was so much fog in Singapore. I've been there a few times and I've never seen fog. Aldrich has the fog machines on full blast!
All kinds of nice touches by Aldrich. 

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