Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day #22,455

Walk km 14,074-14,078: to Sahera at Las Vegas Blvd
Paradise Buffet
approx km 14.077 Fremont St Las Vegas

Movie #2288: Uptight (1968, Jules Dassin)

I watched a few Netflix movies the other day by picking off of their regular website. Today I tried the Netflix Instant Watch Tracker and almost all the movies are gone. Although it shows that they will be available until 2038, I had to click on about 12 before I could find one that was really available. Pretty soon Netflix USA will look like Netflix Canada!
However, the one I did find was a doozy! Dassin does it again. It's a remake of The Informer but it starts the day of Martin Luther King's funeral and takes place in Cleveland. Tank is the main character and he wants to be part of the black revolution but his heart just isn't in it. He wants to be included because his friends are. He's actually proud of the 20 years he spent working for whitey.

Movie #2289: Festival (1967, Murray Lerner)

Gee, why haven't I seen this before? You got Bob & Joan & Buffy & Pete and all those old-timey folk and blues singers.
It differs from Woodstock in that Woodstock had all complete songs whereas this is mostly a lot of snippets. Full songs are better but with snippets we do get to see more people besides Bob and Joan.
What struck me is that all these performers are now in the old-folks home but Bob just keeps right on marching along.

Movie #2290: Vice Raid (1960, Edward L Cahn)

This one is kinda like "Festival", maybe not so great but I like it. In Festival, I liked it because of the music. For this one, I like it because I'm a sucker for cheap crime movies. Especially ones with voiceover. Even more especially ones with Mamie Van Doren. She's not Allison Hayes but she ain't bad.

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