Friday, June 21, 2013

Day #22,463-464

Walk km 14,105-14,113: to Golden Nugget
Walk km 14,113-14,115: to Target

Are there 2 Sheldon Adelsons in Vegas?
approx km 14,114 Maryland Parkway

Movie #2298: Gog (1954, Herbert L Strock)

Crappy movie but interesting from a nostalgia point of view. There's very little plot here (just the Russians trying to foil American space research by infiltrating America's super computer). Instead, it's a series of lectures on various high tech experiments from the early 50s (solar power, robots, cryonics etc).
This isn't really a sci-fi picture (because the enemy turns out to be Russians not little green men) but still women are shown as inferior to men in the world of science: our leading man and woman are both suffering from exposure to radiation at the end - the woman faints and the man picks her up and carries her to the hospital. These type of movies always needed a leading lady for hubba-hubba appeal but they all had to be shown as inferior to the men.

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