Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day #22,468

Walk km 14,132-14,138: to Paradise Buffet
bus disguised as a McDonalds advertisement
Approx km 14,138 Bonneville Transit Centre

Book #459: Death Bed (1980, Stephen Greenleaf)

I went to a used bookstore here in Vegas based on the recommendations on Yelp. Bad idea. I could tell this was a mistake as I approached the store. In the display windows they did not have any books - they had pottery! Oh no.
Inside almost all space is wasted (no high stacks of dusty books here). The books are nicely stacked on quality shelving in the middle of the room leaving plenty of room for sipping tea or whatever else a person might do in a used book store. However, it wasn't wasted time as I did find an Arthur Lyons and this Greenleaf. It was just the yuppie feel of the place that made it no fun at all.
Reading Greenleaf is like eating cheesecake. It just might be too much of a good thing. The similes and metaphors are piled on so thick that there's hardly room for anything else. However, that's probably just my bias. If you like your private eye endlessly cracking wise (both to others and to himself) then Greenleaf is the guy for you (and me too). 

Movie #2301: The Other Love (1947, Andre De Toth)

I think this is what is referred to as "a woman's picture". Barbara Stanwyck is sent to a sanitarium to recover from TB. The doctor falls in love with her but refuses to tell her how ill she really is. Andre is a mighty fine director but I don't think that anyone could do much with this plot.

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