Friday, November 1, 2013

Day #22,596

Walk km 15,055-15,067: around downtown Vancouver

Book #471: Nights Of Awe (2004, Harri Nykanen)

Read this one because it was published by Bitter Lemon who have published excellent books by Iain Levison and Garry Disher. Besides, it was time to try a crime novel from another country - this time it's Finland.
Unfortunately, this one isn't so good. The main emphasis here is on the plot. The characters are only sketched in except for the main policeman and he is pretty normal. We've come to expect police departments that are chockablock with all kinds of personal problems. The only distinction of our head policeman is that he is Jewish. That may have been enough in the old days but in the era of Mankell and Disher, that's not nearly enough.

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